Make me? I can do that.

After dinner tonight I asked my youngest to turn off the TV and go upstairs to have her shower and get her PJ's on.

She answered, 'No. I don't want to.'

'That's not nice, nor appropriate,' I said in a cautionary and tired tone.

'Too bad,' she replied.

I turned a mild Mama laser death look on her but she was busy watching the TV and didn't catch it.

My older children did however and they quickly exchanged a look and then almost ran from the room. 

'Upstairs. Now.' I said to my youngest and I must admit my mother tone did take on a tiny bit of an edge.

'Make me,' she replied.

Make me?

Oh baby girl, now them's fighting words.

Now, my head didn't spin around, and my eyes didn't pop out of my head, this is my third child after all and I've learned a little bit about how to handle disrespectful nine year olds. Still, I can assure you that when I turned off the TV and turned my full fury filled laser death look on my daughter she did very quickly make her way upstairs into the shower and then went directly to bed.

Disrespectful little girls in my house go to bed early.

That child obviously has no idea what she's up against when she's faced with her Mama's full fury filled laser death look.

Make me indeed.



17 thoughts on “Make me? I can do that.

  1. “Make me.” Oh-no-she-didn’t. It is probably better for them to learn at home that they are not quite ready to offer that sort of challenge. You would think they would recognize the inherent warning of fleeing siblings!


  2. I wonder sometimes how, exactly, I’m going to “make” my kid do anything. He’s going to be a bruiser, and I’m, well, NOT. Can you teach me the laser death look?


  3. Make me, two of my least favorite words in the English language (when used together). Why do nine year olds think they know everything? I didn’t think I knew everything until high school.


  4. I have a friend who says that your children must always be a little bit afraid of you, she lives by the I brought you into this world, I can take you out rule!


  5. make me. ha. i’ve heard those words come out of my 7 year olds mouth — i just look at him, laugh, and say, oh no, no. you do not want to go there. do you?
    no, he knows he doesn’t.


  6. what a good mom you are that you didn’t injure or maim your child for that one! I haven’t reached that stage of defiance yet, but what I do get now, I simply laugh and ask, “in your 7 years of life, has that EVER worked on me?” Hopefully, I can continue the glee. LOL!
    Good mommy.


  7. I wish the only disrespectful thing I had to worry about was my child saying “make me.” My child (just three weeks before her 15th birthday) skipped softball practice yesterday to make out with her boyfriend. She brought home her first hickey. Times like these, I wish my laser look really worked.


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