How was your weekend?

This past weekend was a whirlwind of activity. It's actually all a bit of a blur. 

On Saturday night we had seventeen friends over for dinner. We also had a choir practice and dance lessons to fit into the afternoon as well.

We are billeting some kids from the other end of the country on an international exchange program my daughter participates in this week. We spent Sunday welcoming them and participating in the opening ceremonies for their conference.

Today I spent most of  the day with my son at the dentist as he managed to crack three teeth chewing gum. Don't ask. The good news is they're all baby teeth.

Tonight I should be preparing for my classes tomorrow, and catching up on everything I should have done this weekend but I'm uh, blogging and surfing the net instead.

Procrastination thy name is Mama. Tired Mama.


5 thoughts on “How was your weekend?

  1. We’ll not talk of what I ought to be doing instead of perusing updates in the Bloggy World. Because it will all still be waiting tomorrow. It would be lovely if someone would schedule a day off for Tired Mamas post-weekend.


  2. I know all about procrastination. I should be working instead of reading blogs (in fact, I got distracted by your RSS feed in the middle of an email).


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