Sing. Sing a song.

My youngest daughter sings competitively in the music festival here in town.

Today she sang in a class that consisted of older kids and won. So far, she's sung in three categories, each consisting of at least eight kids, and she's placed first in all of them.

Yep, I'm proud of her.

She should be proud of herself as she practices and works hard at her vocal lessons. My youngest seriously LOVES to sing.

What I'm struggling with however is how much I let her tell people (brag) about it.

When people remember to ask, I let her tell them how she did. If they don't ask I tell her not to volunteer the information unless she's talking to family.

Does that sound right?

Yep, if you're reading this you're now officially
family. Welcome.

What do you think? 

16 thoughts on “Sing. Sing a song.

  1. I think that sounds about right. Unless it is grandparents or something like that. Then it is fun for them to call or visit and tell them the good news of how well she did. Tell her that is awesome because I stink at singing and admire anyone who is good at it!


  2. That is awesome. She must be an amazing singer. It is a tough line since it is something she should be proud of and it definitely does good things for her self esteem. But on the other hand, you don’t want the other kids to think she is bragging (although she does have every right).


  3. This is a toughy, I think, although it might be hard to convey to her, that if she is telling how she did to make someone happy and encourage them then she should feel free to talk, but if she is telling how she did to make them feel bad or think that she is somehow better, then she shouldn’t say anything.
    This is why I don’t have children…. I have NO IDEA


  4. I have a very tough time toeing that line. My daughter is extremely bright and accomplished and I have a hard time not bragging on her. I guess I have too many memories of being shunted aside by other kids because I was smart, knock kneed, snaggle toothed and klutzy. I frequently apologize for talking about her achievements; I hope my friends understand that I don’t want to sound conceited but I can barely keep myself from saying how proud I am of her.
    BTW — this is completely off topic, but I have to tell you that one of your Google ads that popped up with this post was a reference to Sing Sing Prison.


  5. I think you’ve got it right.
    Something like winning a singing competition that is based on pure talent could be bragged about a little more than, say, being on a winning soccer team. IMHO. šŸ˜‰
    That’s fantastic, though! Way to go, kiddo!


  6. I think that’s terrific!! WAY TO GO kiddie!!!
    As for bragging rights, I think it’s OK to call up the grandparents or other family members that she’s extra close to and brag about her accomplishments but for other folks, just wait until they ask.


  7. easy for a kid her age to use her success to be mean and i don’t think it’s that rare either. you are on the right track. play it down. most people that matter in her life will know and shower her with good wishes.


  8. I think you’re right overall. but I also think it’s perfectly OK for her to tell family and close friends without them asking. Telling them is basically stating a fact. As long as she isn’t going on and on about how great she is or better than everyone, then I think it’s fine.


  9. I think you are right, if she is standing beside you, if prompted, she should tell HER news. I also agree she shouldn’t just volunteer the info to anyone and everyone particularly if friends and siblings are around. It gets old real quick…. (but she is very talented and she can tell me about it whenever she wants!!)


  10. Oooh, that is a challenge. Not to create a little diva, but to still celebrate her talent. Your guideline for responding to queries, but not bringing up her own accomplishments outside the family sounds like a good rule of thumb.


  11. You shouldn’t ask me, because if she was my daughter she would have a tee that says “Diva Here.” or maybe “Mariah Carey Who?”
    Please don’t take advice from me.
    Hugs and Mocha,


  12. I would “sing” her praises to everyone who would listen!!! You never know what opportunties will rise because of the connections you make!


  13. Sounds to me like you are doing the right thing. Great post and I’m glad to see everyone agrees with your approach to bragging. My BlueEyes is a rockstar Gymnast..we walk the same fine line. They have a right to be proud and celebrate, learning when to talk about their accomplishments and when to shush. Fine but exciting line! Yeah for your babe!


  14. congrats to your daughter!
    i bet you’re all proud.
    i think you’re doing right- tell the blog, b/c obviously your readers would care…. that’s why we read you. tell family and close friends.
    but yeah. “don’t ask, don’t tell”
    not that having a 9mo daughter is any the same, but… i don’t talk about milestones w/ everyone i meet either.
    you know, b/c sitting up is PURE talent -ha!


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