H Two O

We have a water cooler in our kitchen. It gets a lot of use from everyone in the family and I must admit that it's great to get a nice cold glass of water at the push of a button.

Yesterday however the water ran out and I haven't had a chance today to get to Costco for a new jug so right now the water cooler is uh, dry. 

My children are taking it badly. They've all mentioned to me at least once or twice today that the water cooler is empty and my youngest just came in AGAIN to ask me if I'd had a chance, since she last asked, to get out and buy a new jug for the cooler.

My answer was no, mainly because she'd just asked me the same question about twenty minutes prior.

I'm glad my kids are drinking water, they could be asking for a lot worse things.

But guys? The tap still runs cold water. It even tastes the same.


My family is spoiled in so many ways. 


8 thoughts on “H Two O

  1. i am the worst. i like small bottles of water. i drink more water when i drink from small bottles. remember that A. is an environmentalist, climate change expert, he just loves our recycle bin full of plastic bottles, not.


  2. I make everyone drink regular tap water. It does go through the refrigerator and is filtered. It is cheaper than bottled water and we go through a lot of water.


  3. I mistakenly bought a flat of bottled water instead of making the kids filter their own tap water with the Brita pitcher. Youngest child opened and PARTIALLY imbibed the liquid goodness from a half dozen bottles which she left all over the house yesterday evening. I wonder if she has heard about this “Earth Day” thing?


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