You were saying?

In our back hall I have a sign board. I got it years ago at Pottery Barn and it sort of looks like something you'd find in a restaurant to list meal specials and prices.

I've always used it to put up funny sayings, or just say 'Merry/Happy What-ever' to my family and our guests. I've also always put 'We love you' on the bottom line. 

Since I noticed today that it still said 'Happy Easter' on the board I asked my eldest daughter to change it.

She didn't know what to put on the sign so I suggested she just put up something about spring. I suggested, 'Happy Spring'.

What did she put up? This,

Easter Cat Cake and Spring Sign 004


9 thoughts on “You were saying?

  1. I’m trying to deal with the rain but I brought all my summer clothes down from the attic and I can’t wear any of them b/c I’m freezing my butt off! Bah spring.


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