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Little People

When my youngest was six years old I received an e-mail from Fisher Price telling me that they were sending me my last 'parenting resource' e-mail.

Okay, so Fisher Price's parenting advice might be thinly veiled marketing and promotional propaganda, but you know what?

That e-mail made me sad.

You see I have a thing for Fisher Price's 'Little People' line. I think these little plastic people are adorable and I love them. Yep, I do.

My kids had them all too. Every last little person Fisher Price made I bought and every night I would gather them all up and set them up in their little pretend towns and make sure it was all picture perfect. The rest of my kid's toys? They just got thrown in the toy baskets.

So, when I got this last e-mail telling me I was being cut off from announcements about new Little People launches I did the sensible thing.

I made up a child.

Yes I did. My 'real' kids are all roughly three years apart so I gave myself a pretend fourth child. I have two girls and a boy so to even things out my fourth Fisher Price child is another little boy. I made him three years younger than my youngest daughter, registered him on their site and ever since then I have been happily receiving monthly e-mail updates from Fisher Price about their new Little People lines. I have been getting their Christmas catalogs too.

But today my imaginary child turned six and I got that 'we're dropping you from our e-mail list' e-mail again.

Sigh. I'm over forty now. I have a teen and two 'almost' teens. My kids are well over playing with Little People.

Most of our Little People characters have been given away too.

But I still have one Little People person left. It's a little blonde girl character who sits in the corner of my desk in her pink PJ's.

I keep her there because she makes me happy. She reminds me that my children were once babies. She reminds me of how fast time flies.

She also reminds me that I'm sort of sad and pathetic at times.

And you know what?

I'm okay with that.

Have a lovely weekend.

9 thoughts on “Little People

  1. What a great post…funny how some of our kids’ toys have a special place in our hearts.
    I love that you invented a child just so you could keep getting the newsletters. Too funny.


  2. That post is just a little bit bittersweet. I love that you made up a child so you could keep getting the newletter! Too funny. I say if you want to, go ahead and make up another one. Lots of women are having babies after 40! Just keep making them up until your a Granny 🙂


  3. I laughed out loud when I read about your “pretend child”! Sounds like something I’d do!LOL! We packed away the Fisher Price castle and the ark just a couple of months ago and it is sad.


  4. I bet your pretend child is the one that is the best behaved and is the only one that listens. Pretend children are the best. You could always make up a pretend grandchild ….


  5. That post was so fun. I love little people too! I have to be honest that I played with them as a child until I was probably 12 (I am the oldest child of 3 so I was able to get away with it without looking too silly ;)). I don’t think it would hurt to remain on the holiday catalog mailing list 🙂 It is very fun to look through!


  6. I was cursing this morning as I cleaned up the little people farm for the millionth time since my oldest got is 13 years ago. I guess I should be grateful I still have one that plays with them!!


  7. I know what you mean. My baby is six and Elmo and Dora always make me sad. I took my kids to a Sesame Street Live show a couple of months ago and even Joanna was bored.


  8. I secretly love to play with my girls’ Little People. We have so many sets because the “OH! But they don’t have this one yet!” excuse still works for me. I don’t know what we’ll do once they are too old to play with them anymore … but I bet I’ll hear less random cursing from hubs when he stops stepping on them with bare feet!


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