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Reality Check

As we were driving home from school yesterday my son asked me where he was going to park his car.

'Um, your car?' I asked.

My son is eleven.

Yeah, he wanted to know if he was going to have to park it outside.

I told him he'd probably park it at his house.

'My house?' he replied, obviously confused.

My son assumed since he could get his driver's license at sixteen, he could get a car at sixteen too.

I then explained how car payments, gas charges, insurance and repair bills worked.

My son then figured out he's probably got enough money saved for a couple of tires.

He was very quiet and I felt sorta bad for him. A little.

TiredMama - destroyer of dreams.

Or perhaps just an advocate of working hard to achieve them.

It works both ways I hope.

13 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. We have a 3rd car garage at this house and my oldest said when we moved in and filled it with all the crap we own. “I hope this gets cleaned out before I get my car” Um, excuse me?


  2. Our kids have to save enough money to pay for the first six months of auto insurance coverage before they may have a learner’s permit. I figure if they are responsible enough to save the money, then they are responsible enough to learn to operate a car.


  3. My son, 17 at the time, bought his own vehicle last year. He is in college but dropped his girlfriend and worked full time during the summer so he could save money to buy it. He paid for the (used) pick-up truck himself. He pays his own insurance (was +$300/mnth but now has his full G licence and it has been reduced by 10% or so). He even let’s me borrow it from time to time when my car is in the shop!


  4. I told my son that the instant he turns 16 my driver’s license is going in the shredder. I’ll gladly give him a car as long as I never have to drove anywhere, ever again.
    Unless I get my Porsche… then I’d reconsider.
    Found you through a recommendation from Small Town Mommy. She likes you, and so do I.


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