Time, keeps flowing like a river…

Do you ever wonder where time goes?

I mean we just had a long weekend here and I was hoping to get a lot accomplished.

I wanted to finish ripping out 'mean-bush' this weekend. It didn't happen.

I wanted to decimate Mt. Laundry. Um, I tried and it's better, but it's still a small hill.

I wanted to sleep in but the kids woke me up. Heck, the Easter Bunny came so they were excited.

I was even hoping to get some time to talk to TiredPapa about a few things. Nope, we took the kids out to dinner and then to see the Hannah Montana movie instead.

All the day to day time sucking boring chores just get in the way of me getting stuff done time and time again. 

I keep thinking I'll just set aside some time to focus on one thing and I'll ignore everything else and then? Some child gets hungry or scared or something.

Okay, or I fall asleep.


I just need time to stand still for a few days so I can get a few things done.

Anyone know how to make that happen?

8 thoughts on “Time, keeps flowing like a river…

  1. That seems to be the dilemma every mother faces. Too much to do and not enough time. Maybe if someone could develop a way to get by without any sleep we would get a few more hours a day.


  2. Send everyone out of the house for the day. Then take a long, leisurely nap and bubble bath. When everyone gets back make them tackle the odds and ends while you have some wine.
    Then…Oh wait, I thought you were asking how to have the perfect day…
    I’m no help.


  3. I never get as much done as I hope. The kids, dogs, cats, husband, all need stuff and apparently, I’m the only one to get it.
    BTW, how was the Hanna Montana movie? My tween really wants to see it.


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