The bush won.

I went out today and attacked mean-bush.

Yep, that's 'mean-bush'.

I have no idea what kind of plant/bush this thing is, so I just call it 'mean-bush'.

Mean bush is a big prickly bush thing that is growing beside my fence in my back yard. It's over grown, it's prickly and it always grabs and scratches anyone who ventures near it. This thing has serious thorns and serious attitude. This bush is MEAN.

So I decided yesterday, before the thing could grow back leaves and more branches, that I was going to cut it down and dig it out.

Did I mention mean-bush is big?

Um, and have I told you that this sucker is mean?

After a three hour battle this afternoon, mean-bush is only half gone from my garden and my left hand is swollen with scratches. I had to throw out a pair of gardening gloves because they are covered in blood from mean-bush's fangs thorns.

I'm going to Home Depot tomorrow to get some reinforcements. I'm planning on buying big shears and some thicker gloves that I can use to protect myself when I go into combat again against mean-bush.

And my battles won't be over once mean-bush is defeated. No, after I slay him I then need to go back into the garden and take on 'dead-tree'.

Yep, 'dead-tree' must be taken out too. He's not as mean, but dead-tree is much bigger than mean-bush and is a more unpredictable foe.


Tell me again, why did I want spring to arrive so badly?

12 thoughts on “The bush won.

  1. Sounds like you need a neighbor with a chainsaw or a 4X4 with chains to yank that sucker out. A little rough on the grass but easy on YOUR body. šŸ™‚


  2. Hee Hee We have one of those too. We call it “the incredible growing weed”. Doesn’t matter how many times we cut it back to nothing the stupid things grows back faster and bigger. Good luck!


  3. Ooooh. That is a Bad Bush. Good news here, though— just as I reached the point of lunacy that had Sacagawea taking on a Disneyfied look (complete with glitter), I’m off the hook because Erin’s ballet teacher has an indian costume from Peter Pan.


  4. We have a mean-bush too! It scratches you as you get out of the car and I swear it knows just where to poke you. I asked a landscaper once if there was anything I could feed it to kill it off and he looked at me like I was a murderer. In my dreams!


  5. we have yard work here, yard work at the cottage, i can’t wait to move into a condo next year and get rid of some of the yard work. and the one we are keeping, it’s the overgrown wild you never have to touch it look.


  6. Can you come on down to Tennessee when you are done and take on our many mean bushes? We also have a lovely dead-tree stump exploding out of the middle of our drive-way. Should be a real help when we sell the place.


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