Happy Good Friday

Happy Good Friday everyone!

It's finally sunny here and the rain has stopped. Yippe!

Since most of our extended family is unavailable this weekend to celebrate Easter with us I've decided to celebrate by having my family help me clean out the garage and the gardens this long weekend.

We won't do anything too strenuous, just enough to get us all outside and complaining working together as a family.

Do I know how to celebrate or what?

I hope you're enjoying your blessings this weekend too.

8 thoughts on “Happy Good Friday

  1. So! How does it feel to have that garage all cleaned out? Pretty darned good, if I remember correctly. Uh…it’s been a while, though.
    We strip-cleaned and refinished the outdoor teak patio set this weekend. Blog posting about that tomorrow. Need a weekend off to recover!


  2. You are listed on the blog list of Angie at Keep Believing. You know that she lost her husband to cancer on March 17. Angie and Brian would have celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary on April 19. I am hoping that I can get everyone in her blog list to post on their blogs at 12:00 am on April 19 a post with the title “Keep Believing” so that when she opens her blog, her blog list is filled with recent posts all titled “Keep Believing”. I don’t know how else to arrange this other than commenting on blogs, so forgive my off-topic comment. I would ask that you keep the post up for 24 hours in case she doesn’t look right away, and you don’t have to publish anything with it, just the title will do. I am using the scheduled post feature provided by blogger so I don’t forget. Thanks so much. Heather.


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