She was born to entertain you

My youngest daughter is singing in the local music festival next week. She's singing with her school choir and she has three individual pieces to sing in the competition too.

I was helping her practice tonight and we talked for a minute about how when you sing you need to act a little.

So, we continued to practice and she sang and she acted and then she over acted to the point that I was laughing so hard I couldn't hear her sing.

Her pieces are not meant to be comical.

Watching her in the music festival this year could be interesting.

If you ever meet my youngest it won't take you long to realize that she THINKS she was born to be an actress.

As sure as she is of this, I'm equally sure I was NOT intended to be the mother of an actress.


I can't wait until she's a teen.

Um, and just in case you can't read the sarcasm in that statement, trust me it's there.


7 thoughts on “She was born to entertain you

  1. I am gigging just imagining your daughter!! I have one like that but she thinks we all want to watch her do backhandsprings and kartwheels and any other gymnastic moves. Heaven help all of us when they are teenagers!!


  2. Oh I bet that is just precious! Well…it will at least be a great source of entertainment until the teen years. And even then, if you get enough video of her now, you could have some leverage with bribery. I’m just sayin’….


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