Official whining

It's only 6:30 pm but all I feel like doing is going to bed.

I was up early today to get my eldest off to choir practice for 7:30 am, and then I had a parent school meeting, this was followed by my classes, and after school all three of the kids had music lessons. 

I'm tired but we've still got a birthday party and a full night of homework in front of us before I can call it a night.

Dinner? Um, that would be take-out pizza.

I should probably also be tidying the house and throwing a load of laundry in too.

You know what? I don't feel like it.

Yep, Tired Mama is tired tonight and maybe grumpy too.


Tired Papa is working on the other side of the country this week so he's missing all the fun. Oh, did I mention that where he's working it's hot and sunny?

Here? I have freezing rain.


8 thoughts on “Official whining

  1. LOL Mamas all over the world have the exact same problem! I had a very similar day yesterday, even started with the choir practice. Hang on. Bedtime is not to far away!


  2. Oh ya my hubby is gone all week too, but at least it is colder where he is than here at home. Since he is gone I thought it would be a good week to have a root canal. Serious grumpiness going on here. Good luck with the freezing rain 🙂


  3. I totally feel for you! We had band practice at 7:15 am (chorus is tomorrow at 7:30 am). Things are always so much harder when the husband is off traveling. And it rubs salt in the wound when it is warm and sunny! I definitely vote for pizza and maybe cereal tomorrow.


  4. Hey, TiredMama! It’s been several months since I’ve logged on to ye olde blog but here I am.
    I’m blogging on now so keep in touch and I’ll do the same. (-:


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