I have the flu.

I have the achy, high temperature, stomach pains, throwing up kind of flu.

I'm feeling better this morning but yesterday was rough.

Last night, when I was feeling my worst, my younger kids decided that they would have a huge fight and barge into my bedroom for me to referee it.

I discovered last night that when I am sick to my stomach I don't care if my kids are threatening to kill each other.

Thank goodness Tired Papa showed up from work a little early to help me out, I was seriously ready to throw up on my kids just to get them to leave me alone.

With my luck they would have thought that was cool though and just gone on fighting.


Pass the chicken soup will ya? The kids have left for school and I'm going back to bed.

13 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Aww, you deserve much better from your kids. Throwing up on them would definitely send a clear message!
    I’m about a day ahead of you on this malady – I’m just able to think about food. Just in time to look after a kid home sick with a cold. There’ll be a lot of sitting around on couches today.


  2. Yuck! Wish I lived closer to bring you that chicken soup. Will had this bug last week – it took him 5 days to recover.
    Feel better soon my friend!


  3. I am so sorry you are sick! And throwing up is the worst. I did laugh at the thought of throwing up on your kids just so they wouls leave you alone. Even when you are sick you make me laugh!


  4. Oh, that’s awful! Being sick to your stomach is just the worst thing. I laughed when you mentioned throwing up on your kids, but then think of the extra laundry you’d have. Feel better soon.


  5. Whoa?? Sorry about this.. last time I had the full blown Type B flu was nearly 4 years ago and the main thing is that I just plain couldn’t get out of bed!!
    Thanks so much for your cell phone comment, I’ll save the comments and use them later in the month when I interview some cell phone companies!


  6. I hope you feel better soon! Elle had a good point. You will end up having to clean everyone up after throwing up on them and that might lead to throwing up again. In that case, you just can’t win.


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