I don't get it.

When my kitchen garbage can is filled to the very top, why does my family insist on balancing one more piece of garbage on this over flowing heap?

We have an entrance to our garage from inside the house, you'd think it would be easy to just haul a full kitchen garbage bag out of the can and put it in the garage.

But nooooo.

My family has to balance their pieces of garbage on the already overflowing heap until it makes a huge tower of rubbish that will finally fall over onto the kitchen floor.

These kids can read music, swim, ice skate, run races, sing on stage and do numerous other amazing things.

So why can't they take the kitchen garbage out to the garage when it's full and put a fresh bag in the can? 


Why? Why? Why?

Oh, because if it's left long enough Mama will do. That's why.


14 thoughts on “Arghhhhh

  1. I have also been battling this odd behavior for the past 17 years and I have yet to find a cure to the problem. Along this when I do catch one and manage to persuade (read threaten) one of them to take it out they seem to lack the ability to put a new bag in. I have 16 more years before my youngest is 18 we will see if I can figure it out by then.


  2. They totally CAN do it, they just choose not to do it. Why take out the trash when you can fit one more thing into it and then the next guy has to do it.


  3. SO TRUE. And also, why don’t they ever change the toilet paper roll when it is empty, carry stuff upstairs that I’ve put on the bottom step to go up, or put their clean clothes away when I leave a hamper in their room? Sheesh.


  4. I could have written this one myself! Bet you could also do one about laundry on the floor instead of in the basket? Great Blog, hope you don’t mind if I try and follow along for a while 🙂


  5. It’s a husband thing, too. At least it is here. And it’s even more true for the bathroom trash cans. I will never forget this as long as I live and have a memory….One time, the bathroom trash was full to the brim. Hubby used the last of the mouthwash. The next day, I found that he had carefully placed the empty bottle on the floor NEXT to the trash can. Seriously.


  6. because this would be too easy. Let me know what you come up with. I still deal with empty cans all over the house. And the only answer I get is, “we can crush this and get money for it”
    Happy Blogging


  7. I can so relate. If you figure it out please be so kind to share. My family decides that when the tower of garbage is a little too high and it is already falling over on the floor it is much easier to pile it on the side of the counter. This is much easier than removing the bag.


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