Home again, home again.

I'm back.

We went away for eleven days for the kid's school break but now we're home.

I LIKE being home.

Traveling with three kids is not a vacation, it's a trip.

We had fun, we saw the sun.

Now it's back to reality.


Today we have hockey playoffs and music lessons. We NEED to get to the music lessons as our district music festival starts on Tuesday. Tomorrow we have a family dentist appointment and then the kid's swimming lessons start up again in the evening.

I have a paper due on Tuesday for my class too.

Let's not even talk about Mt. Laundry.

Did I say I like being home?

I may have lied.

7 thoughts on “Home again, home again.

  1. And it always ends, just like that. Margie and I used to take all her laundry to the laundromat after a holiday … 4 kids, 3 adults – it was just easier to do it all at once. And now, I know she takes it and drops it off at a place that does it for you if she’s really tired!


  2. Welcome home! We got snow today here in lower Michigan, depressing as all get out.
    We’ll be doing the “trip” thing very soon too…though with one less child and via car: 20 hours drive time each way. Yike!


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