This is spring?

It's March 26th and it's supposed to be spring by now.

It's not.

The ground is still frozen so hard that I can't get the Christmas light extension cords out and I still need to wear a coat when I go out.

I want a spring refund. Either that or I want a free trip down south.

Or both.


7 thoughts on “This is spring?

  1. seriously. the piece of crap burlappy runner that covers the front steps has frayed to a dangerous level and yet it is still frozen at the bottom of the stairs to a huge slab of ice.


  2. We had one nice week and now we are back to about freezing as a high. Seriously, I am done with winter. For good. I am thinking I need to move to the Carribean, you game?
    On a totally unrealited note,for some reason my google reader hasn’t been telling me that you have been posting. I realized this morning I hadn’t heard from you for awhile. So sorry, I haven’t been ignoring you 🙂


  3. It’s hard to imagine that there’s such a difference between your place and mine, I guess the extra hour’s drive around the lake makes a huge difference.


  4. Today got to 60, but in a couple of days it’s going to be cold again and there’s a chance of snow flurries. I’m sooooo sick of this cold weather.


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