They’re driving Mama crazy. Again.

We've been traveling around town this week with Grandma and Grandpa.

Since my mini-van sits eight it makes sense for us to use it for our travels.

This means however that my three kids have had to sit three across in the back of the van on the bench seat.

Did you know that if you put my three kids shoulder to shoulder for any extended period of time they will fight?

Yep, and their bickering, poking, slapping, yelling, fighting in the back is driving me crazy.

Actually it's making me more than a little crazy; it's driving me flipping insane.

I'm thinking about renting a school bus now.

I figure if I get one of those I can give all my kids their own seats and still drag the grandparents around with us everywhere.

Anyone know what kind of gas mileage a school bus gets?

9 thoughts on “They’re driving Mama crazy. Again.

  1. Ahhh, march break, isn’t it a great idea? Time for bribes I’d say :}
    I had a light bulb moment for your header, where’s the bottle of red wine and chocolates? Or is that what is in the cup? Have fun!


  2. my son was complaining that the babies, now that the little one is walking, are fighting. i laughed and said that should only last another twenty years or until the first one moves out.


  3. I’m thinking that stopping the car, making them get out and giving them a side-of-the-road time out a few times might be cheaper than the school bus. In terms of money, that is. Might put you a bit behind schedule for where you’re headed, but oh, the peace it doth eventually invoke!


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