It seems like I'm having 'words' with my children these days.

'Pick up your coat.'

'Put away your shoes.'

'Who left the tap running in the bathroom?'

And then today one of my kids accused me of screaming at them.

I'm not.


I'm actually very calm when I make these requests. I also know that I'm NOT screaming because my teeth are clamped together as I repeat these things over and over and over.

You can't scream when your teeth are clenched.

When I was accused of this I replied that I was not screaming and then I asked them the classic Mom question, 'Do you want to hear me scream?'

Funny but the child said no.

The child ran too.

I can't imagine why, I have such a lovely screaming voice.


6 thoughts on “Words

  1. Hi Tired Mama… I feel like I am always at odds with my 4 year old. I so scared that this will continue when she is older. Her latest is not eating her meals or cleaning up her messes. I know she is young but I have seen her do these tasks very easily. If I raise my voice in the slightest she says to me “Mommy you scared me”. I love reading your blog because I can relate and I feel like I have found another “human” mom.


  2. My daughter asked me yesterday why I yell at her all the time. I told her it was because she doesn’t listen when I speak in a normal voice. I don’t really yell either, it just seems that way because by the time she listens, I am getting annoyed at having to repeat myself.


  3. I actually do scream a lot, but it’s their fault. I ask nicely, nobody can hear, I raise my voice to be heard and suddenly I’m screaming all the time. It’s a lose-lose.


  4. My Fav is when you ask them to do something, like pick up the socks all over the floor, they answer Yes, and then they yell at you cuz they answered the wrong way! (cuz they werent listenin’ at all!)


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