In my blogroll you'll find this link.

It's for the blog 'Keep Believing' written by Angie O'Neill, a Mom of two, who describes her life and blog this way,

'I am the wife of an amazing man with a serious brain tumor diagnosed in 1997 one month after our wedding. I am a stay at home mother of two young boys. I started sending out emails when Brian was first diagnosed with cancer to keep our family and friends apprised of his progress. The email list grew so large that it became too cumbersome to maintain. In order to continue to inform those that inquire about our family's health and experiences, I created this blog.'

This morning Brian passed away.

I've never met this family and I don't know Angie at all, but I've followed Angie's blog for about a year now and I cried when I read her latest entry. 

Angie inspired me constantly over the past year with her strength, her beliefs and her ability to articulate everything she was feeling so clearly.

Please pop by and leave her your support if you can.

Rest in peace Brian.

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