On the hamster wheel of life

Today was a good day.

Today was a day when I got a million different little things done.

I sorted pictures, I filled up a recycling bin with waste paper from my office, I filled out forms, I registered the kids for summer camps, I made hair appointments, I made brown bananas into banana bread and I did laundry. I made meals, I washed dishes, I vacuumed crumbs and I cleaned out the fuzzy green stuff from the fridge.

I made lists.

I love lists.

I need more days like this.

Now, we're leaving on vacation in five days so I think it's time I started packing and organizing for that too.

But first? First, I'm just gonna stop and enjoy the feeling of having gotten a little closer to getting on top of things today.

Because tomorrow?

Tomorrow you're gonna look around my house and it'll be like I didn't do a darn thing today. The piles will be back and the to-do list will grow and I'll be behind again.

So, I'm just gonna stop for the night now and savor the moment.

Call me when it's time for bed.

10 thoughts on “On the hamster wheel of life

  1. Oooh, I LOVE days like that–where you sit down at the end and say “Wow, I was actually productive!”
    But I know what you mean about it ALL disappearing tomorrow. Time can be so cruel (and maybe the kids and the dog and the bills…)


  2. I almost couldn’t read this whole post without being swallowed up with envy…sorted pictures, made meals, filled out forms, AND going on vacation. It was all almost too much to handle, until you said it would look like you had done nothing, and then I felt a little better because that is SO my life.


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