I’m old and tired.

We hosted my youngest daughter's birthday party last night.

The party consisted of too many eight year old girls having dinner out, watching the Jonas Brothers in 3D at the theatre and sleeping over in my family room.


I must admit the concert/movie was better than I expected and the girls slept about as long as I expected. That means they didn't sleep at all, which means I didn't sleep at all either.

For the record? I am getting too old for this.

The good news is the time change also happened last night. I'm actually happy about this because it now means I can go to bed tonight at nine instead of eight.

I like the idea of being able to mange to stay up past eight o'clock at night - it makes me feel a little less old and uh, pathetic.

I hate being pathetic.


6 thoughts on “I’m old and tired.

  1. I’m already dreading big sleepovers because I remember how obnoxious and giggly I was with all my friends for those par-tays. Kudos to you, though, Mama. I bet your girl had a wonderful birthday, and in the end, that’s what counts, right?


  2. I am sure it is no consolation, but I am pathetic too. I hate sleepovers. I have found that at least one little girl tends to be very high maintenance. I actually had one of my daughter’s friend try to climb into bed with us one sleepover. That was the last time she stayed over :).


  3. I dread those slumber parties! My mom always let me have one every year for my birthday. I’m sure she despised it as much as I do. The last one was a pool party and two 10 year old girls couldn’t swim at all and one started going under water and panicking. Hello! You think her mom might’ve mentioned that fact. She knew it was a pool party. You have all my sympathy and respect for having the party and taking the girls out in public!


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