I’m behind. Again.

According to a survey, from a UK website, that was quoted in my local newspaper ( in order to have a happy marriage I need to make sure that Tired Papa and I cuddle three times per day and kiss four times a day.

Um, I'm not sure we do that but I must admit I'm not really counting either.

Now, I know Tired Papa kisses me good-bye every morning and kisses me randomly there after too.

Cuddling? Well, we're usually too tired from working or shuffling the kids around for that more than once a day.

Okay, so let's say we cuddle once a day and for the sake of argument we kiss twice a day.

We've been married almost sixteen years. So we're supposed to have shared 16 X 365 X 4 kisses and 16 X 365 X 3 cuddles.

That's uh, wait, I need to get a calculator.

Okay, that's 23,360 kisses and 17,520 cuddles.

Jeepers, I think we're behind on about 11,680 kisses and 5,840 cuddles.

I think we need to catch up.

Hey Tired Papa?

Got any plans for the weekend?

13 thoughts on “I’m behind. Again.

  1. I wonder if the study’s authors skewed the data in hopes of getting their own sweeties to ante up on making with the smoochies? If I go with that assumption then I am off the hook and my marriage is all good.


  2. I’m voting for the MEGA cuddle too.
    Maybe we can get our own survey published stating that people are no longer ‘behind’ on cuddles and smooches… thanks to the MEGA cuddle.


  3. Don’t forget, in the beginning (before children) there were a lot more kisses and cuddles than there are now. Maybe you can average them out. Otherwise, get to work :).


  4. Oh Man!! What a relief!! I thought that only my marriage was missing out on few of those good things. I recently found my husband’s profile from the personals site we met on and I had to remind him of all the little things he said that he liked to do… e.g. flowers for no reason and holding hands πŸ™‚


  5. You better get smooching! And throw in some extra for me because my husband is camping this weekend, which means the only cuddling I am doing is with some cupcakes.


  6. Uh, what exactly qualifies as “cuddling”? Like, is there a prerequisite for time??
    This is just one more thing to feel inadequate about. Thanks, survey people. Thanks a lot.


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