Trashy Entrance R Us

The snow is melting and out my window I can now see our lovely browny-yellow coloured lawn.

I also noticed today that our Christmas garland is sitting in a heap beside the front door, up until today it couldn't be seen as it was covered in snow.

The wreath I had hanging on my front door blew away sometime over the last week.

The metal bench that sits on my front porch started to rust this winter too.

So, come on over everyone, because you know nothing says welcome to guests better than dead grass, decaying evergreen ropes and rusty furniture.


I guess I now have a spring project, or two.

Oh, and spring? Please hurry.

8 thoughts on “Trashy Entrance R Us

  1. I feel soooooooooo sorry for you. The first thing on your priority list should be to get rid of any traces of Christmas. Because it’s March tomorrow.


  2. I’m also desperate for spring to arrive. No matter what the hell the lawn looks like under there!
    Our Christmas lights are still up from *last* year.


  3. Oh man the neighborhood is going to the dogs. That’s at least a $100K drop in property values on the street.


  4. so long as you don’t have a couple of rusted out pick up trucks in the driveway I think you’ll be okay. If you’re still thinking of getting a dog you should know that snow melting in spring is the worst of all. The yard becomes a garden of dog poop.


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