I’ll get to it on Saturday. Honest.

The last few days have confirmed what I always knew but didn't wish to admit.

My family are slobs.

I've been out of the house a lot lately so I haven't had time to go around and pick up after everyone at night and you know what?

If I don't do it, no one does.

My family also doesn't empty the dishwasher, carry laundry upstairs or wipe off counters. Actually they will do it, but only if I'm around to yell scream at remind them.

Someone also left the milk out all day today.

If someone dropped by my house right now they would not just think it was messy -it's actually reached the point of disgusting.

I know I shouldn't care, but I do.

Oh, and if you drop by? Please don't open the fridge. I think something has died in there.


10 thoughts on “I’ll get to it on Saturday. Honest.

  1. Have you been at my house? It is like they are a bunch of PIGS! I made the mistake of opening my boys closet this morning, something has most defintly died in there!!
    Good luck cleaning it up! 🙂


  2. Very funny post… I am not a messy person but my husband hates clutter and on his first day off, spends the first little while putting stuff away (usually paperwork that I have out to do something with). BUT when he has breakfast, that counter will have crumbs on it for hours after. I don’t get it.


  3. Sometimes I think I’m failing as a mom because my family won’t do anything in my absence. I fear for the state of their houses when they grow up. Do they even KNOW how to take initiative? Will I have to call them every day and remind them to unload their own dishwasher?


  4. I am an extremely tidy person and luckily so is Barry. I would be exhausted if I had to live with messy people. My best friend is like that and although I love her when she visits and my guest room is an explosion of clothes, suitcases and the bed is never made, I actually twitch.
    You’re so cute. I waved at you when I drove by yesterday on our way home.


  5. I feel your pain. When I’m doing the dishes or laundry my husband comes up and says “Take a break” and I look behind him to see who’s there to fill in for me.
    Yup, that’d be no one.


  6. We spent all day today cleaning our house because it was so WAY out of control. Hubs remarked to me, if we died and someone came into our house– to which I quickly interrupted him and said I would be mortally mortified. SO BAD. Our water heater was out for a few days last week and I wasn’t feeling well all week, so altogether a combination that produced an incredibly filthy house. Embarrassing. Sigh is right!


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