Musical Time

My two older children are participating in their school musical tomorrow.

The musical is called 'Honk' and it's basically the story of The Ugly Duckling.

My kids are doing a great job in it and I'm proud of them.

I will also be very glad when it's over.

My eldest daughter has a lead in the musical and has had two practices a week since last fall. She's had numerous weekend practices too.

My son is a part of the chorus and his part, along with hockey, means that he's been running in many directions as well.

Me? I've just been driving everyone everywhere and I'm tired of that.

I'm looking forward to having some time off now, so we can all relax and I can get out of the driver's seat of my van for a few days.

What was that?

Soccer starts in March this year? 

When did we sign up for that?

Oh, last October.

I am insane.


10 thoughts on “Musical Time

  1. I wonder why we do this to ourselves. It must be some sort of survival technique passed down through the ages, but it seems to be counteracting the survival thing.


  2. just think, when it’s over, and soccer’s over, and ____ and ____ and ____is over….
    then you won’t be tired anymore.
    then who’ll write the funny blog?
    good luck! and enjoy the musical!


  3. Some days I get so sick of the driving around.
    Hope they break a leg at the play tomorrow. We’re currently running around for rehearsals of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” So I feel your pain. At least there’s a short break before soccer starts.


  4. Hello,
    I enjoy reading your blog. I currently drive my 4 year old to sports, Tae Kwon do, swimming and skating. It’s a relief to hear stories that I can relate to. I have 2 children and at times wonder if I even remember my life before kids.


  5. How was the show??? I can’t wait to hear about it. The school I worked at did HONK…so cute! Congrats to them both and hopefully you will get a week or two of downtime 🙂


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