Yep, I’m here

I have to give a presentation in one of my courses tomorrow. I really should be reviewing my notes for it. But, I'm blogging instead.

The laundry needs to be moved over from the washer to the dryer. But, I'm blogging instead.

The dishwasher needs emptying, the kids need help with homework, the van needs cleaning out and I need to get everyone's lunches ready for school tomorrow.

But, I'm blogging instead.

My name is Tired Mama and I'm a blogger.


Anyone know if there's a twelve step program for this?

13 thoughts on “Yep, I’m here

  1. Well…
    There is no 12 step instructions( I wish)
    And who would not be blogging rather than doing all of that other mama stuff.
    I hope that makes sence…


  2. kath just left my house, i have to switch over the laundry, i need to have a shower, i should get dressed, oh my, is it twelve-thirty and i am still in the pjs. i may as well get back into bed and have a nap.


  3. I think you should just go for it and ignore all the other items on the list. Schoolwork, boring; laundry, blech; dishwasher yuck; kids should do their own homework, clean out the van and get their own lunches ready. I think you should continue with your blogging, think of all those amazing readers you can entertain.


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