Happy Valentine’s/Family Day!

On Monday we're celebrating a new holiday up here in Ontario, it's being called 'Family Day'.

Family Day.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do on this day but I think I'm supposed to spend the day with my family. This should be easy because the kids are off school and Tired Papa will have the day off of work.

This is of course very different from tomorrow which is the day I'm supposed to share with my Valentine. That, I guess, is also a family member.

When I mentioned to my human family that we were supposed to spend some time together this weekend Tired Papa told me that he has tax work to do, my son informed me he wanted to head downtown to the car show and my girls just rolled their eyes.

So, I'd like to introduce you to my new family. That would be a pan of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, a dozen red tulips, a bottle of red wine and of course the newest addition to my family, a lovely new pair of black Nine West pumps.

Chocolate, wine, shoes and flowers.

What can I tell you? We will all spend a very nice weekend together, and we will all be very happy. 


I need a dog.

6 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s/Family Day!

  1. I like your new family and I bet if your old family knew who you were hanging with, they would be there too. All you need is a book, chic flick or spa trip and you will have everything you could want. The dog will love you, but he will also climb into your lap when you are trying to blog.


  2. Dogs are like toddlers. They are really cute, but they are TROUBLE. Except toddlers eventually grow out it.
    Monday is my birthday. I will be old, and it will be Family Day here in Texas, too.


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