Um, I am human you know.

Dear Tired Papa and Tired Children,

Here are a few things you should know. I thought I'd point them out to you because you haven't seemed to clue into them by yourselves.

1. When I am in the middle of screaming at talking to one of you about the horrid state of your bedroom, the rest of you? Don't come in and ask me for something you want while this is happening. Guess what? If you do the answer will most likely be NO.

2. When I am talking to one of you about why you're not studying or doing your homework, the rest of you? Don't come in and ask me where something is. Guess what? I won't care about what you're looking for right then and I probably won't help you find it either.

3. When I am knee deep in Mt Laundry don't whine at me about why I won't buy you another new over priced piece of clothing. Trust me, it's just not going to happen right then.

4. When the cat hasn't been brushed, fed or had its litter box cleaned by you for a week, don't start asking if we can buy another pet. Uh, nooooooo.

Oh, Tired Papa? When I've just finished having a loud discussion with one of your children, at seven o'clock in the morning about their missing school things, don't expect me to turn around and respond all lovely dovey 'cause you want to kiss me good-bye right then. I love you yes, but help me with the kid first, then you might get your kiss instead of a snarl.

I hope this helps clarify a few things.

I love you all.

14 thoughts on “Um, I am human you know.

  1. Oh, when I am reprimanding one of my kids, the other one is usually standing there like a mimic trying to help. While I appreciate being backed up, it just makes the other one mad.


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