Not what I wanted

I bought a personalized car license plate for Tired Papa last fall. It has our family surname on it and now I have people constantly telling me where they see our truck in town.

It's actually quite funny and I tell my husband not to do anything weird as the whole town will let me know.

So, for Christmas Tired Papa thought it would be neat if he got me a car license plate too. Yeah, I think he was getting even.

He wanted to get a plate that said TiredMama on it but he ran into a problem as you can only have 8 letters on license plates here.

So, what did he come up with?


Yep, I'm now Turd Mama.

Not funny my love. Not funny at all.


21 thoughts on “Not what I wanted

  1. Um, it’s the thought that counts? But now I bet you get something considerably more flattering for Valentine’s!
    (Sorry, but I just can’t stop laughing…..)


  2. That is hilarious
    Maybe you should get some of that stuff that covres the plate so people cannot take pictures. LOL
    have fun as Turd Mama


  3. I love it. I can’t stop laughing. If you throw him out he can always come and stay in the wine cellar. Oh man this is just too funny. You should get the van repainted brown.


  4. That is way too funny!!
    In North Carolina they are now into plates that start with W and they are allowing people to get a new one if they have WTF and do not want it.


  5. Oh! We are cracking up since I read this post to the Mister who proclaimed “Turd Mama!” as soon as I said, “Trd…” Maybe one should consider walking or biking despite the cold unless you can get that plate changed out.


  6. Oh my gosh, that’s hysterical! You need a frame around it that explains that you are TIRED mama. Too funny!! (Are you keeping it?? Maybe you need to have another kid so you can do diapers again and have it be more fitting…?)


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