Reinforcements needed. Pronto.

Let's say I have a child who, when they are hungry or tired, becomes a DEMON child whose mouth spews venom.

When this happens I know I need to get this child fed and into bed.

What I can't figure out is how to get this demon beast child fed and into bed when this demon beast child is fighting being fed and put to bed with every ounce of their being. 


Any ideas on how to force a child to sleep or eat against their will?

There really oughta be a pill….

14 thoughts on “Reinforcements needed. Pronto.

  1. Ugh, I have SO been there. It’s so strange to me that when my son, in particular, is having a meltdown, that he totally cannot understand that what he needs is food. Doesn’t he know how to identify hunger? JINKIES.
    When he’s really hysterical, I have to go with the liquid snack. Food is sometimes just WAY TOO HARD to chew, it’s such a burden, but usually he can bring himself to use a straw. He’s allergic to milk so I make him a protein drink with rice protein powder, rice milk, sugar and cocoa. Mmmm.
    Then we can talk about naptime!


  2. I’ve been a Mom for 24 years now and all I can say is: this child will grow out of this at some point.
    My recommendation as a single Mom of 5 who has been fortunate to have kids who love to eat and go to bed with little problem (I won’t go into the issues I have getting them lined up for the shower, however) is to just say, “Fine, I’m eating and going to bed. You enjoy staying up all night starving.” And go to bed.


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