Where there’s a will

You wanna know what fun thing I did tonight?

I went over to a friend's house and had them witness Tired Papa's and my wills.

Yep, our wills.

Do I know how to have a good time or what?

It was long overdue. Our American will is not valid in Canada and so we needed to have it updated and um, thought through again.

It is now all done. I have officially made all the morbid decisions I need to make and my children's future is now protected should something happen to Tired Papa and I.  

I am now officially a good parent. I am also now slightly depressed.


9 thoughts on “Where there’s a will

  1. It’s not a pleasant topic but really does give peace of mind when all is said and done. You know your children will be looked after the way you want.
    After hubby’s health issues last year, we have now even discussed the what & where for funeral & burial plans. Not pleasant but necessary.


  2. yeah. we should get on that. where to begin??
    we talk about it w/ The Mr.’s parents… because if they pass away, we’ll be shipped off to live w/ uncle marv.
    um…. can the baby come too???


  3. Ugh. We so need to get this done. A friend (qualified lawyer) was going to draw the thing up so our only expense would have been the filing fees, but she is no longer practicing. Procrastination is sometimes a bad thing. Yay, you for being a Good Mama.


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