I can’t play the trombone and I’m okay with that.

Have you ever been so frustrated with a kid and a particular school subject that you want to just scream?

That would be me tonight with my son and his music test tomorrow. He has to play the trombone.

I don't play trombone. After trying to help my son tonight I can honestly tell you that my son doesn't play the trombone either.

The test tomorrow? That's not going to go well and I have to tell you that most of my frustration is coming from the fact that I can't help him.

He's trying. Okay, he's sort of trying. He's not going to do well and he and I both know it and now he's frustrated and angry.


Okay, I've vented.

I still want to scream though.

But if you'll excuse me, I now have to go upstairs and find my son and figure out how I can make us both laugh about this, cause really?

It's the TROMBONE and you know what? I don't think I know ANYONE who plays the trombone as an adult.

And my kid? He volunteered to make dinner for his family tonight and that's a skill he'll use in life. I'm not sure I praised him enough for the great job he did cooking either, so I'm gonna go up to his room and do that now.

And we're going to laugh about his music test tomorrow. Yes my son, we are – because in the big picture? Pwwwwwt.

Anyone know any good trombone jokes?

8 thoughts on “I can’t play the trombone and I’m okay with that.

  1. ‘Trombone’ is a SCHOOL subject now?
    I have no jokes. But as a kid I sucked hugely trying to play the cello. It didn’t mean I wasn’t musical or couldn’t learn other instruments, I just sucked at the cello. There is even LESS practical application for the trombone than for the cello.
    Maybe he’ll be okay with it too.


  2. Umm, Didn’t you tell me once that YOU used to play the trumpet?
    Q: How do you make a trombone sound better?
    A: Run it over with a lawnmower.
    Ok, I admit it, I googled Trombone jokes….


  3. Right about now I am thankful the mister happens to play all the instruments our kids are learning because all I play are recordings. There is no almost no real-life application for the trombone.
    Oh, and we have found a solution to the paper bomb on our desks. I doused mine in coffee this morning.


  4. I can relate. I played the flute in high school (a million years ago.) This is an instrument you have to blow into sideways to get it to make a sound! It took about 3 weeks to learn how to make ANY sound and about another year before it actually sounded like music.
    Just imagine the doozy (sp?) of a headache your son’s band teacher will have by the end of all the playing tests…Tylenol anyone?


  5. Love this post! So, true. So, true. I love that you are going to take the time to make light of it and lighten his load, so to speak. I am always reminding my kids that they can’t all be talented at EVERY THING. Once we all accept that, we can move on and enjoy life!


  6. Maybe it’s just not his instrument, I think your attitude is great though. You can’t agonize over every shortcoming, laugh, move on, and consider the cow bell. It’s underrepresented in music. 😉


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