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The things I learn

Tonight hubby and I were cleaning up the basement.

I was trying to put away the odds and ends of Christmas that just got tossed into storage without being boxed up and Tired Papa was having a go at cleaning up his work bench. Yes, I nagged him into it.

Towards the end of our tidying Tired Papa asked me if I had a jar or something that he could put this workbench pencils and markers in.

Not just any jar though, he wanted a 'manly jar'.

Anyone have any idea what a 'manly jar' is?

I offered up a small wicker basket, but it would not do.

Tired Papa then reached over into the storage shelves and snagged a small flower vase and plunked in the pencils and markers. He was happy and I was just glad the workbench was less of a mess.

Betcha didn't know that flower vases are manly.

11 thoughts on “The things I learn

  1. that is funny “manly” … – Bob has an OJ container with Winnie the Pooh stickers on it -circa Father’s Day 1995 – he won’t part with it!


  2. Clean out a can from something like bake beans or soup (the shorter, wide ones) and viola! a pencil can. Just like that without the label should be manly. To “girl” it up, we use contact paper and wrap it around it. (We have LOTS Of these around our house for pencils, paintbrushes, markers, etc.).
    Much more manly than a flower vase! 😉


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