Walking that tight-rope. Again.

How much help should a child get doing their homework?

At different times with my kids I've run the whole gambit while trying to help them with their homework. At times I do nothing to help and let them fail, and once I even did almost the whole project myself and, I might add, was quite proud of myself when I get a high mark from the teacher.

This weekend my son has a lot of homework, projects and a lot of extra curricular activities. He also has some invitations to do a few fun things with his friends.

My son wants to ditch the homework and projects and just go do the fun stuff. I can't really blame him. 

The problem is that even though the projects may not be due for a few weeks, Tired Papa and I are going away next weekend. We're leaving the kids with our thirty something (long story – and no, I'm not really, really old. Well,unless you're my kids or any of their friends, because then I'm older than dirt) niece so I know very little is going to get done on his projects next weekend.

Part of me is thinking that if he doesn't get a good grade on a few sixth grade projects is it really the end of the world? Do you even remember what kinda marks you got in sixth grade?

On the other hand, I don't want to set the idea in his little head that school work is optional and that marks don't matter, because in time they will matter and they'll matter a lot.

I'm trying to find the middle ground here and I must admit I'm struggling. Part of me wants to just chuck all the projects and homework and let him play hockey, go to the movies with his buddies and uh, be an eleven year old boy.

The other part of me wants him to study all weekend, get into medical school at say, twelve and look after me, in very high style, in my old age.


Balance is a bitch.

7 thoughts on “Walking that tight-rope. Again.

  1. Why not somewhere in the middle? If he has a bunch of different projects, one every other night. Or some sort of plan that will get the HW done, but also give him the chance to get out and play?


  2. I would suggest combining everything to allow him to earn rewards through doing his schoolwork. If he spends a couple hours working on his project, he can go play hockey. Another couple hours and he can go to the movies. Let him make the decisions.
    Good luck!
    On another note, oh my gosh, a weekend away. Have a fabulous time!


  3. We must have a good school – the kids rarely have homework that they can’t finish before coming home, and what they do bring home they do on their own.
    Or maybe that’s a bad school. But they’re learning…


  4. That’s a tough line to hold onto. I have that from time to time with my oldest. Sometimes I have to ride her back to get things done, sometimes I don’t even utter a word and it gets done. For her, it depends on what it is (and if there is any artistic element to it).
    Good luck!


  5. oh oh, you’ve asked the wrong person! leanne, listen to me carefully, he is in GRADE SIX not working on his MBA. you and tired papa need a weekend away. do your best to get whatever done, HELP HIM, READ DO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN WITHOUT DOING THE WHOLE THING, let him have fun, life can change on a dime, and then go away, have fun, write the teacher a note if you have to. xo


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