Catching Up

I have to do a meme. So, for the seven of you who have tagged me, here are the eight random facts you want to know about me.

1. Yes, even though an entire cup of hot chocolate was poured on my phone yesterday it is still working. I am VERY grateful for that.

2. I began blogging over a year ago for a class I was taking. I was registered in a University professional writing course and I needed to submit work to prove I was writing every day. It was from this eight month long assignment that Tired Mama.com was born.

3. I registered www.TiredMama.com about ten years ago as my hubby and I were moving so much that our e-mail address kept changing. And yes, I do get a lot of silly comments when I tell people my e-mail address.

4. I LOVE chocolate peanut butter ice cream but my favorite desert is lemon meringue pie.

5. One of my favorite things to do is sleep until I wake up on my own. That doesn't happen very often any more.

6. I drive a minivan. One day I want to own a BMW two seater CAR and drive it instead.

7. I'm thinking about getting a dog. I've never had a dog for a pet and I think it's an  experience I want to have before I die. I think this spring would be a good time for my family to get a dog but my husband still needs some convincing.

8. I am currently enrolled in the fourth year of the Honors English program at York University. I only have three credits left to finish this degree. I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree from when I was a twenty something year old, but since I've always liked to read and talk about books I just kept taking English courses after I graduated.

9. I have been working on this English degree on and off for seventeen years. I think of my classes as a book group with a few writing assignments thrown in.

10.I decided to finish this degree and stop taking courses for the professional writing program (See #2) because I didn't like being in classes with students young enough to be my real kids. Sigh.

The latest friend to guilt tag me writes the blog FeeFiFoto. Visit and learn eight random things about her here. Oh and no, I'm not tagging anyone. But if any of my readers want to blog about eight random things, go for it. I did ten things because that's what happened. Deal with it.  

I've also received two awards lately that I haven't posted a thing about. Bad Me.


The first one is from the blog It's Sherendipity. Sher is funny, thoughtful and crazy at times too. Visit her here. Oh, and thanks Sher!

I also got an award from one of the first blogs I ever started to follow, Say Anything. This is one of my blogging friends that I would like to have move onto my street so we could meet every day, chat and drink red wine together. Go and read more about her here and thank you for the award, New Diva.

Heart Award 
Aren't they pretty?

I'm done now. Have a great weekend. 

7 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. get your pup either before the muddiness of spring or after … you’ll be spending a fair bit of time outside!!
    I’m so excited for you (Obviously I believe that tiredpapa is going to come around on this one)


  2. I’m new to your blog I found it via entrecard.. How did you ever maintain composure and not rip that woman to shreds.. I would have fliped if someone spilled hot choc in my purse.


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