I didn’t need this.

I was at my son's swim meet yesterday and as I was standing by the railing taking pictures the lady beside me spilled her entire cup of hot chocolate into my purse. I had stupidly left my bag sitting open beside me on the floor at my feet.

Yep, the entire full cup of steaming hot chocolate dumped all over my wallet, my new IPhone, my kid's baby pictures, my cheque book, and all the school notices. Actually it poured all over my entire life because that is what I carry in my twenty pound hand-bag.

Yes, she was so sorry. What could I say? She didn't do it on purpose.

You bet I wanted to pop her one in the head or at least cry, swear and scream.

I didn't. I said it was okay.

It's not. My stuff is all messed up now.

Everything I own is now sticky and uh, brown.


And honestly? I'm still thinking other four letter words too.

23 thoughts on “I didn’t need this.

  1. Oh no! That sucks! I’ve spilt an entire sippy cup of chocolate milk in my purse before so I feel your pain. Does your cell phone still work? I dropped mine in a toliet once – it still works but the battery doesn’t hold a charge for too long.


  2. I would have lost my temper, especially when I read your previous post about how the day started. Your restraint at the time was admirable. And like everyone else, I want to know does the phone still work? Otherwise, you know, I would be tempted to ask for her to pay for the damages. Yes it was an accident, but we have to take resposibility for the damage from accidents we cause.


  3. hmmm, I left a comment and it disappeared, but I won’t complain because it is nothing compared to your day.
    You showed remarkable restraint, I would have lost it with her. If your phone is damaged she should pay for it, we are still responsible for damage we do, even if it was an accident or we didn’t mean to.
    this sucks, I feel for you


  4. Okay, I’m reading backwards on Google Reader, and I see your previous post, and I’m already feeling absolutely terrible for you.
    And then this!?! I would have lost my you-know-what over that.
    Her entire cup? I’m sure it was an accident, but she must have the reflexes of a sloth. Geez.
    I hope tomorrow goes MUCH better for you, L.


  5. Ugh–don’t you hate it when someone does something accidentally and is visibly sorry but you want to knock their lights out? On the bright side, it must smell nice and um chocolate-ty??


  6. Okay, you’re day sooo totally sucked! That’s awful. I’d ask the woman to pay for damages. The crazy astrology girl in my office keeps talking about how Mercury is in retrograde right now. Which according to the crazy one means that right now there is miscommunication, things breaking, and all over bad karma going on. I’ve had crazy husband issues lately. Apparently all will be well in the universe after the 30th. So expect crappy stuff happening until then. Damn you crazy astrology people! If you believe in that sort of thing.


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