Yes, I’m whining. Again.

Can I go back to bed and start over? It's only 9:45 am.

This morning during breakfast the ceramic milk pitcher got broken dousing the homework, I have no idea why it was on the kitchen table, and gashing my son's hand.

My son then had a filling fall out of his tooth while he was eating. This of course, combined with the hand gash, sent him howling about the house.

I read on line this morning that my University professors voted yesterday not to return to work. So, it doesn't look like I'm going to get back to school any time soon.

I drove everyone to school today only to discover that my daughter had left one shoe at home.

I went over to the gym after I dropped the kids off and found that I had forgotten to put my white work out bra in my bag. I was wearing a hot pink bra, which wasn't going to work under the big white t-shirt I packed. I skipped the gym and came home.

We still have a swim meet, musical practice, hockey practice and a synchronized swimming practice to get through today. I'm wondering what's gonna happen next.

I also have to get my youngest daughter organized and into bed early because she's going on the school ski trip tomorrow.

Tired Papa is, of course, working late.

Now, I realize that I'm blessed - we are all healthy, loved and have a warm roof over our heads. There's food in the fridge.

Still, I'm tired already and it's not even ten o'clock in the morning so I'm just here to vent and request that we start the day all over again.


16 thoughts on “Yes, I’m whining. Again.

  1. ummmm… i’m tired just reading about that.
    all of that?? in one day?
    really?? during school?
    kudos to you for keeping the pieces together!
    here’s hoping you can rest well tomorrow?? or saturday??


  2. I think we all have days like those. I prescribe cutting your losses and crawling in to bed as soon as you’re able. I also give you permission to order pizza instead of cooking. πŸ˜‰ Hope things are better tomorrow.


  3. This was my entire last week! I felt like I was moving at warp speed but nothing was getting accomplished! I swear somedays I can hear “Pop goes the Weasel” playing in the background of my life!


  4. Wow, you really are Tired Mama, aren’t you!?!?!?! I hope you have served your time and have had a calmer rest of the day (week, weekend, month, and so on!)!


  5. Wow what a day! I loved reading about it and made me smile because you sure all MOM! Another MOM can appreciated what another MOM is going through because she’s been there done that and I’m just happy it wasn’t my day!


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