Being Female

First Mother

I'm watching the inauguration.

You wanna know the part that's making me smile the most?

I'm enjoying watching the new First Lady fuss around her girls as their Dad makes his speech.

We're all mothers first.

Good luck President Obama.

8 thoughts on “First Mother

  1. I noticed that too. On another note, obviously you were watching todays proceedings on TV – I wonder how many schools made this moment in history available for students. When we were kids, they would have collected everyone in to the auditorium/gymnasium and had us watch. It would be a shame if they have missed this.


  2. I was watching the girls and noticing they looked like they wanted to get the heck out of there (just like my girls would).
    I hope they are back at their new home, able to kick off their shoes and play with grandma.


  3. I noticed that to and thought it was great.
    My girls are in 1st grade and they watched it on tv. They were telling me that 2 other classes came into their room to watch it too.


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