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Welcome to Canada, Mr. President.

Barack Obama is going to become President this week. 

My home town newspaper is saying that the first international trip President Obama will make will be to Canada – the United States largest trading partner.

My home town paper also informs me that most American Presidents come to Canada as their first international trip, the most noticeable exception to that being President Bush who went to Mexico first.

It seems that the American President going to Mexico before Canada is in some circles seen as a political slight.

Personally? It's -10C/14F in Ottawa today and they're getting more snow.


It's January. Canada or Mexico?

I know what I'd choose.

President-Elect Obama? You're a brave man.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Canada, Mr. President.

  1. sad to know i just got my history/political education from reading your blog. (ha!)
    somehow, i just wouldn’t call canada “international”. even tho i do know it is.


  2. You know what, when you are president, you have people who can carry your space heaters for you. He will never need to even be exposed to the cold.
    to my seriously geographically challenged mind, I think of Canada as the BFF of the U.S.
    I wouldn’t take Bush’s going to Mexico as a slight. He was probably trying to find Canada and just got lost.


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