I’d forgotten

Last night my youngest daughter asked me to tuck her into bed.

I looked up from my work and suggested that since Mommy was so tired that maybe she should tuck me into bed instead.

She agreed.

So, she read me a story, checked to make sure I had brushed my teeth, gave me matching PJ's, watched me crawl into bed and then covered me up. She even gave me a stuffed animal to sleep with.

I slept from 8:30 last night until 6:30 this morning.

That's a lot of sleep.

Did you know if you sleep for ten hours the dark circles under your eyes will fade and you will feel and function better all day long?

Who knew?

18 thoughts on “I’d forgotten

  1. At least once every two weeks I get into bed right after dinner. I might have my book or laptop or tea and I don’t go to sleep right away. But I do rest. It’s a wonderful cureall.


  2. 10 hours sounds heavenly. Can you send her over and have her tuck me in? Actually, on second thought, if I went to bed a 8:30 my kids might decide to throw a party, stay up late drinking soda and eating chocolates. God knows what I’d find in the morning. Congrats on the sleep getting though, nice to know there’s hope for my eye baggage.


  3. That was very sweet of your daughter. If I asked my sons to tuck me in, they’d get me all settled in bed and then start jumping on me and screaming, “WAR!!!”


  4. Sleep for 10 hours in a row, where did you lock your children? How did you keep them from coming in and just staring at you until you woke up (can you tell I have experienced this)?
    I love the idea of having the kids tuck me in to bed. I will have to try that.


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