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Baby, it’s cold outside

My eldest is an intelligent, pretty and perceptive young lady.

This is the kid that I don't have to tell things twice to. My eldest daughter is bright, she always 'gets' it and she's usually made decisions that are smart beyond her years.

So why, when we live in Canada and the temperature tomorrow is predicted to be a HIGH of -17 will she insist on wearing a short skirt and knee socks to school?

Yes, she wears a uniform but she is allowed to wear pants – she just won't.

She dresses modestly so I'm not talking about inappropriate clothes; I'm just worried about basic warmth here.

Yes, the school uniform women's pants are incredibly ugly. I agree.

But uh, Hun? We're supposed to have a HIGH of -17 tomorrow and the low, with wind chill, is supposed to be about -40. There's MORE snow and freezing ice pellets in the forecast too. It's not going to be just cold tomorrow; it's going to be beyond cold. We have that flippin' deep freeze coldest of bone chilling cold weather heading our way.

My girl is fourteen. She's too old to be dressed by Mommy and threatened about what's appropriate to wear. Er, isn't she?

But I am trying. Nicely. In a cool Mom kinda way. I went out today and bought the ugly school pants in her size and I bought the tights too.

Betcha fifty bucks she'll refuse to wear them. But I will try to convince her.

I, on the other hand, will be the one out and about tomorrow in the rolly poly layers. You won't even be able to find me under all the down clothes I'm planning on wearing. I will look like the Michelin Man.

Will I look stupid as all heck? Yep. I just figure everyone around me will be too busy trying to keep warm to notice.


Stay warm everyone.

15 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. You’ve equipped your girlie with appropriately warm clothing. If she chooses cool over warm, just chalk it up to the follies of youth… and maybe have mercy and meet her at the door when she comes home with a cup of cocoa.


  2. Good luck with the 14 year old daughter, I have trouble with the 8 year old at my house.
    Hubby is in Mineapolis on a business trip right now — he forgot a hat. He is bald. Yup he is a little cold 🙂


  3. I’d have done similar with my kids, who are all grown now: provide resources (the clothes) and information (the temperature) then let them decide…even if it meant they might freeze their rears off!


  4. Same with both of my girls. The best I can/could do is get them to wear sweatpants under their skirts while traveling to and from school that they stuff in their lockers when they get in the building. *sigh*


  5. I just do not understand. She is fighting against one of the most basic human instincts: survival. When it hits 40 degrees here I wear multiple layers of clothing and jackets and whine all day long about how cold it is.


  6. I was having a similar conversation with a friend just today. Her son refuses to wear pants. He insists on wearing shorts. While we are not as cold as Canada, here in New England, it isn’t really shorts weather.


  7. good luck.
    i used to get so mad when my dad wouldn’t let me wear shorts in “winter”… even tho we lived in south carolina, and our winter is NOTHING compared to what you’re describing. but these are the days where even tho it’s february, the high outside is 72.
    this is me in high school.
    i did get mad.
    but i didn’t wear shorts.
    by the way- my dad is also famous for saying “get your coat”.
    anytime of the year. literally.
    good luck.


  8. Hahahahaa…. I have this kind of conversation with my almost 14-year old twice a day (when she leaves for school and when she comes home complaining of how cold it is). Granted, it is slightly warmer here in Michigan than over near you, but still… Mine refuses to even wear a COAT. Grrr. Funny thing is though that she is the ONLY one (knock on wood) that hasn’t gotten sick so far this winter! Maybe she’s freezing the germs out?
    Good luck!


  9. Bless your heart. Think warm thoughts. Think how marvelously wondrous spring will be. And summer time fun will be here before you know it. Then you’ll be hot and sweaty and miserable. Hmmmm…
    Think spring.


  10. Oh Lord, is this what I have to look forward to? My daughter is only three and picks out her own clothes, totally ignoring my suggestions. She has had temper tantrums when I force her to wear something, wailing, “But I won’t look beautifuuuuuuuullll.”
    thanks for the peek at the future!


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