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I want my oven mitts back. Now.

I have no oven mitts.

When I moved into this house two years ago, I unpacked a shipment coming from the UK and I know I unpacked a set of oven mitts.

A week after I received my UK shipment, the container that was in storage from our stint in the USA arrived and I’m sure from those boxes I also unpacked two sets of oven mitts.

I also clearly remember last summer, when our town was having a midnight madness event, I found the nicest fabric set of oven mitts on sale at a cute little country store downtown and I bought those too.

That's what? Four sets? Eight mitts?

So, why when I went to take a sheppard’s pie out of the oven last night and a baked macaroni and cheese out of the oven tonight was I using a tea towel?

Where the heck are my oven mitts? I have a burn on my finger now and it hurts.

Yes, I am whining.

But, who took my oven mitts? Why would anyone possible want my oven mitts and what could my family possibly be doing with my oven mitts?

Maybe this is my kid’s way of telling me to stop cooking.

It might work.

16 thoughts on “I want my oven mitts back. Now.

  1. I would love me some homemade baked mac & cheese!!! Lucky ducks you have there! I’m down to one oven mitt and one pot holder. I think the dust bunnies are mitt-napping them!


  2. Oh, mother of a hockey playing boy, don’t you know??? They make great makeshift goalie gloves! Check the garage where the dear boy keeps the outdoor street hockey stuff! Just a thought 🙂


  3. I know exactly where my oven mitts are, they’re in the drawer beside the stove. But knowing where they are doesn’t help me. They’re useless. I should just bite the bullet and buy some new ones, but the only time I think of it is when, yes, I’m taking something out of the oven.
    We’re all comfort cooking I see, I made baked beans on the weekend.


  4. Oh man the things I have used to take my pans out of the oven. LOL! I haven’t had oven mitts in about 5 months, when we moved I threw away the ones we had and haven’t gotten new ones. Did you know diapers are flammable? 😦 I didn’t even think that the outside of the diaper would shrivel up like it did. I just needed something quick to use to take my stuff out of the oven before it burned. I have used clothes and towels to name a few. I need to get a whole bunch of new mitts! 🙂


  5. i am self-described as heat sensitive.
    meaning things feel hotter to me (scarier) than most.
    taking something out of the oven absolutely requires oven mitts. the kind that go all the way up!!!
    and even then? sometimes, The Mr. is summoned.
    mine’s on a strong magnet hook on the fridge. pretty? no. handy? yes!
    i hope you find yours.


  6. There are the same place as my serving spoons!
    And yes I was MIA for awhile and thankfully is wasn’t under a huge pile of laundry 🙂 Just super busy. Thanks for noticing my absence, I feel loved 🙂


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