Wanted: Motivation

As reported in The Toronto Star:

'York University has pulled the plug on negotiations in its ongoing strike and has used its right to force workers to vote on its latest offer – a move that could end the dispute, but not for at least seven more days.

In a surprise move yesterday, York officials left the bargaining table and announced the university was asking Ontario's minister of labour to organize a supervised vote on its latest offer, forcing the 3,340 striking teaching assistants, contract faculty and graduate assistants to make the decision – something employers are entitled to do only once during a round of bargaining.'

Wow. I may actually have classes again soon.

Hmmm. I haven't done a lot of reading or writing over the past two months. I've been kinda waiting to see if classes are going to start up again and what would happen if they do.

I've even been thinking about dropping the classes I was taking and starting again at a different University next fall because of the strike disruption. The only thing stopping me is the two papers and one presentation that I did before the strike started. I don't feel like re-doing the work.

I only need three credits to finish this degree. I was hoping to apply to start my masters next fall too.

But, I've lost my interest, I've lost my focus and I've lost my drive.


Please send chocolate, motivation and wine – red.


9 thoughts on “Wanted: Motivation

  1. The last classes are the most difficult to manage because by that point you are just so burnt out on the whole education concept.
    You can do it. And when you finish, you’ll be glad you did.


  2. Wine is comeing your way! LOL! Actually – you live so close to me that we really should have a meet up! Maybe we could also invite Ali (cheaperthantheray) and Haley (Cheaty Monkey) as they are also in TO.


  3. I’ve got the wine! Motivation? eh, maybe not so much. But I’ve got wine. It’s a beautiful sunny day, the snow is glistening like diamonds and the wineries won’t be busy, we could do lots of tasting!


  4. Oh, you are so close. if it is anything like the US, transferring can call you to lose credits. I know it is tough, but the end is so close, you can almost touch it. You can take some time to decide about a masters, but definitely finish the one you have put so much work into already. I am sending virtual chocolate since the dog ate all my real chocolate.


  5. Motivation is in short supply around here too, but you really are close to completion. Don’t back down now, but a big bag of truffles and just hammer through, know what I mean?


  6. some of young son’s friends have been sitting at home now for two months waiting for school to restart. yup, that would be their mothers hanging in the closet. the strike has put a lot of lives on hold. don’t quit.


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