I'm looking out my window at our Christmas lights.

They're pretty.

I was thinking about unplugging them and taking them down this weekend but then I noticed that everyone else on our street still had their lights turned on too.

So, either we're all lazy or we all think they're pretty.

Or it might be that since it took us all so long to get them up we're all going to leave them on as long as possible.

Or maybe they're on because it's just too darn cold to go outside and do anything about them.


I think I'll just sit here, enjoy them and not think about it too much.

Pretty is good.

9 thoughts on “Lights

  1. No one on our street put their lights up until we put ours up. We had a ladies Christmas Party for all of the neighbour ladies – they all commented on our lights. By The end of the weekend everyone else had lights. I took my lights down on New Year’s Day – oddly no one else has theirs up either. I never thoguht of myself as a trendsetter.


  2. I wanted to keep ours up and lit as well, but hubby decided to unplug the timer and I was too LAZY to plug it back in and reset it. So instead, I have slowly been disconnecting extension cords each day I take my son out to wait for the bus. It’s sad – our neighbors still have theirs up and I wish we did too. Oh well!


  3. We don’t put any Christmas lights up outside. We do have some lights that we keep up all year long (white only). While you could think we are lazy, maybe we are, but really, we live in the sticks and it is very, VERY dark here. Sadly, we don’t have many exterior lights aside from those mercury vapor farm lights.


  4. LOL I’ve taken every bit of Christmas stuff done, but one thing of garland with lights. I really don’t know why. I’m going with you, it’s because it’s pretty and pretty is good!


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