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Trillions on my Visa? That might be fun.

Last night, the headline of my hometown newspaper stated, 'U.S. faces years of trillion-dollar deficits, Obama says'

Trillion. Not billion. Trillon.

Is it just me or doesn't that seem like an awful lot?

I'd be happy with just a small, small, very small part of that amount to do a few things around here.

And ya know? My Visa statement's not looking so bad after reading this. I'm nowhere near a trillion dollar deficit on it, even if you throw in our outstanding mortgage amount too. 

I'm starting to feel much better about my Christmas spending now.

Maybe I should go shopping.

5 thoughts on “Trillions on my Visa? That might be fun.

  1. Yes, a trillion is a lot. A ridiculous amount.
    Poor Obama. The man has his work cut out for him. And, yes, you should go shopping 😉


  2. I would like to have the opportunity to a little look at the so-called U.S. budget resulting in that deficit. “Budget”… I don’t think that word means what they think it means in Washington.


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