All the wrong stuff

The last few days I've been busy finding stuff and finding places to put stuff.

I also have a large amount of Christmas stuff I need to put away.

Since my renovation ended just a week before Christmas I have a lot of rearranging to do as I haven't had the new space long enough to know how I want things arranged in it. I also put a lot of things away for the renovation that I now need to find. You know what? I just have too much stuff.

My Christmas tree filled a huge space in my newly renovated family room, but now that it's gone that room looks half empty. I need things to fill and decorate the room properly but at the same time I have too many things which all seem to be the wrong shape or the wrong colour. 

How does one go about getting rid of the wrong stuff and finding the right stuff without accumulating more stuff?


Is there such a thing as the stuff police, cause honestly? I surrender.

7 thoughts on “All the wrong stuff

  1. in with the new – out with the old. my rule with clothes: every season at least one bag gets donated or brought to consignment before any more can make its way into the closet. This could work for furnishings. If you can’t sell it and don’t have time to bag it up and donate it – try freecycle or call one of the societies that does pick up.


  2. “Bleah!” to being overrun with stuff and double “Bleah!” to being overrun with stuff that doesn’t quite suit.
    A friend had the bright idea of inviting friends over who all bring household items they no longer love, and then everyone swaps. Kind of like a clothing swap or “white elephant” gift exchange.


  3. First empty out the rooms of all the stuff. I know, it doesn’t make sense, but this works. Now put all the stuff on shelves in your garage or in your basement. Then go shopping from the shelves. The stuff you already own is probably stuff you do love, it just needs to be looked at in a different way.
    Oh and anything plastic or broken goes into the garbage.
    Anything that came from a dollar store or discount store that isn’t overthetop spectacular gets given to charity.
    Only keep the spectacular.
    Or, I could come over.


  4. I totally get that. I find myself getting so stinking crabby putting away the Christmas ‘stuff’ each year…that, and wanting a bigger house.
    LOVE the new blog design Leanne. Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year!


  5. I understand the stuff being all wrong! I am going through that in my house. Just today I finally decided to hang some pictures — I have only lived her since October 😛


  6. That is what a renovation does to you. The new parts look so nice that it makes the old stuff look so much worse. Give yourself some time to really determine what you want and where you want to put things. After our renovation, we moved things around many times.


  7. I am the wrong person to ask about stuff. I am so tired of the clutter yet every time I bring something out of the house more stuff comes in–stuff I don’t even buy. I found 11 tissue boxes around my house yet neither my husband nor I bought them. What is that about??


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