Technically Challenged

My husband was very sweet and gave me a new phone for Christmas.

I transferred over the chip thingy from my old phone and I figured out how to set up a ring-tone.

My problem?

I can't figure out how to answer the silly thing.

With my last phone I just opened it up and talked.

With this phone I have to push a button.

Now by the time I realize my phone is ringing, find the thing in the abyss of my purse, pull it out, get it out of its holder and figure out which is the accept button and which is the reject button and push the right one, whoever is calling is already sent to voice mail.

And no, I haven't figured out how to access my voice mail yet.

I'm sticking to blogging.

Everyone? If you need me, send me an e-mail or better yet, comment here. That should work. 

Kids? Whatever you're calling about? The answer is no.


11 thoughts on “Technically Challenged

  1. Ah yes. The new cell phone blues. I’m singin’ ’em, too, honey.
    I got me a new cell phone
    That I can’t use
    My kids are having to teach me
    I got the technology blues.
    It doesn’t do what I tell it to.
    I can’t make the thing do right.
    I’m thinking about throwing it off a cliff.
    In fact, I think I might.
    I got the new cell phone blues.
    I got the brand new cell phone blues.
    Can’t answer it, can’t make a call.
    Can’t seem to do anything at all
    Except sit here and sing the blasted new cell phone blues.
    I understand. Completely.


  2. there’s something attractive about not being reachable … when margie got her first blackberry it had voice dialing. I answered my phone and eavesdropped on her and A having a conversation for about fifteen minutes before I called her land line from my cell phone and told her that she had accidentally dialed me when she said my name … just make sure you don’t have that feature!!


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