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Turkey and Soup R Us

I don't blog often about my cooking.

The reason?

I'm not a good cook.

As proof I give you tonight's main dinner dish at my house - Turkey Noodle Casserole.

Now, even though I'm a pathetic cook, I don't usually go as low as using soup recipes.

But you know what? It wasn't bad, I made it in less than ten minutes and the kids all ate it and liked it.

I think I'll be heading over to the Campbell's site more often, and no, they didn't pay me anything or even send me any soup so I would post this.

I just thought I'd share the fact that I think I've hit a new low in my culinary capabilities. The really sad part is that I'm okay with this. I mean there are peas in the recipe and that's a vegetable that I got into all three kids tonight without a fight.

Hey, sometimes you just gotta go with whatever works and after the last few weeks of holiday preparations the fact that I didn't just order in a pizza is amazing.

I'm burnt out.

Bring on the soup.

10 thoughts on “Turkey and Soup R Us

  1. My kids would eat spaghetti every night if I made it. It is one of the few meals that no one complains about. So what if it is the sauce it out of a can and the noodles are the cheapest in the store — they all ate with no complaining!!


  2. I made cream of sumpin’ last night too. I put every single leftover in the pot with egg noodles and two cans of campbell’s cream of mushroom – delicious! It’s like nursery food, comforting.


  3. If you still have turkey lurking in the fridge, there’s a relatively simple recipe our whole family will eat:
    Cut up turkey
    Boil enough noodles for everyone.
    Bring 1 can of chicken broth to a low boil, whisk in 1 cup parmesan cheese and 1/2 cup half & half. Add 1 tsp rosemary and 1/2 tsp each garlic, black pepper, and oregano. Toss in broccoli or peas and folod into pasta and sauce.
    Feel brilliant for not using soup. Or skip all that whisking and cheat with a jar of store-bought alfredo sauce.


  4. What’s wrong with using a soup recipe? It’s fairly healthy and wholesome! (Save for the sodium ‘course.)
    Happy New Year to you and yours. Here’s to successful blogs and future writing gigs! Keep in touch.


  5. Whoops. I left out something needful. Whisk 1-2 Tbsp flour into 1/4 c cold water or broth until a smooth paste forms. Then whisk that into your sauce before bringing it to a boil. Otherwise it will be thin and icky.


  6. Don’t feel bad about being burned out on cooking. I have resorted to having my 7 year old cook dinner from her Nintendo DS Personal Training Cooking “game”. Is that considered child labor?


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