Costly Mama

Tomorrow I have to take my mini van into the collision center.

Last week, with all the snow and slippery streets, I took a turn a little too tight and got sucked sideways off the road into a light pole.

It only looks like a small dent but I damaged some of the guts of my van as well, so I will be losing my van for a week and shelling out about $1,800 for the repair. 

After filling up my Visa card with Christmas shopping, I really don't need this.


That's it – just sigh.

10 thoughts on “Costly Mama

  1. I’m not sure what your insurance is like, but with ours we get 1 freebie accident that doesn’t affect our rates. You could submit a claim to them and only pay your deductible (ours is $500). Also, if your insurance feels that the road conditions played a factor, they will attempt to recover the damages including your deductiple from the municipality in which the accident took place. If the municipality didn’t meet the Ontario Good Roads Standards then they’ll be found liable (trust me – I deal with this at work EVERY DAY). Good luck! It sucks to be without a vehicle and out of the money too!


  2. last winter, hello, remember the 20 feet of snow, we had three $1500 repairs on cars. couldn’t back out of the driveway without having an accident. brutal. you can take a holiday for $1800, you and the hubby.


  3. okay that just sucks. last year ours was $1,500 on a new hotwater tank, oh the tank was a rental, it was the hole they had to drill in the side of the house to bring it “up to code”. Spending that money hurt!
    I’m glad you had a lovely Christmas though ….


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