Multi-tasking Madness

I seem to have a problem.

It seems with everything going on over the last few months I have lost my ability to sit still and do nothing.

These days I seem to spend a lot of time uh, puttering.

I pick up. I wipe up. I throw things away. I sort things out.

I can't seem to just sit still any more.

Last night my hubby gave me a big glass of wine and we intended to sit on the couch, in front of the fire, and watch TV. I took the wine, watched the hockey game he turned on and sorted socks at the same time. When the socks were sorted I grabbed my laptop and started downloading and labeling pictures.

Between periods I jumped up to keep the laundry going.

I am stuck in multi-task mode and I can't seem to get out.

I need to find my inner sloth again.

Anyone seen her?

12 thoughts on “Multi-tasking Madness

  1. I was doing that crazy busy multitasking myself last night during what was supposed to be a family movie night. *sigh* Today, I just refuse to do anything. With Christmas past, surely we will all adjust back into some semblance of sanity instead of the constant rushing to try to prepare, prepare, prepare!


  2. I think your sloth has moved in with me and taken over–I can’t get my booty going for anything! I keep telling myself that I’m “relaxing” and “enjoying time with my family,” which I am, kinda…but there is a whole lot piling up and there is a sad day of reckoning in my near future, I’m afraid!


  3. Hi! This post made me laugh, since I am on vacation and cannot stop doing stuff!!! I brought the computer along to blog, but ended up Web surfing, as usual. We’ve actually found a really great family-friendly vacation spot, pics are up on my blog. Glad to have found this blog, come visit sometime! My blog is about life with my two kids, one of whom has special needs but is beating the odds every single day. I’m over at


  4. Me, too! Thank goodness for blogging, otherwise I would never get off my feet except to go to bed.
    However, after that first glass of wine I usually plop myself right down in front of the tv. Second glass? A snack with tv. Third? A little dancing. Fourth? CRASH!
    Actually, I rarely get past that second glass.


  5. I found the inner sloth two weeks ago. Unfortunately I had to have the stomach flu to find her!
    I am a constantly rolling machine too. Unfortunately, it is not reflected in the appearance of my house!
    A comedian, who’s name escapes me, once said that cleaning your house while your kids are growing is like shovelling the driveway while it is still snowing. Pretty much sums up my day to day.


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